CUSTOM-MADE: Choose the material, color, design and style, for the unique garments and accessories you desire.

STORAGE: We store all garments annually, throughout the spring and summer months, in a cold, humidity-controlled safe environment.

REDESIGN/RESTYLE-REPAIR: We can alter all your tears, rips, discoloration on leathers; down-size or up-size your garments and adjust them to your needs.

CLEANING: All garments should be cleaned and glazed, before put into storage. They are steamed, put into drums with fur cleaning solution, and glazed with essential fur oils. Linings are changed if needed.

SHEARING-GROOVING: Shearing: cutting the fur hair to a shorter, even length. Grooving: cutting the fur hair in different lengths, creating a design. This is usually done on slightly damaged furs or garments that need a “boost”/trendy edge to them.